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 יום ראשון מדרש

"Sunday Midrash"  with meal, fellowship and Torah Study.

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with Drosh and Nosh.

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Where we get together to participate in the Jewish celebration of Shabbat.

What is a Shabbaton?

Colloquially outside of Israel, where Hebrew is spoken to a lesser extent, the term Shabbaton has come to mean a program of education, and usually celebration that is held on a Shabbat.

Sometimes a Shabbaton is an entire weekend with the main focus on the Shabbat. Many communities have such events, including youth groups, singles groups, synagogues, schools, social groups, charitable groups or even family reunions also known as Chavurah.

These events can be multigenerational and wide open, or limited to a small specific group. A Shabbaton can be held where a group usually meets, or at an off-site location.


By calling such a program a Shabbaton, rather than just a "retreat", the group is signifying that it recognizes the importance of Shabbat in the program.