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About Us

We formed our Chavurah group ourselves as a Jewish and Christian community to fill a need in Colorado Springs. Springs Chavurah is firmly dedicated to growing and strengthening the community of Messiah in Colorado Springs.

What is Chavurah? 
Chavurah is a group of friends who come together and want to share, learn, and celebrate and enjoy their faith with others in an informal setting. Chaverim consist of singles, couples, and/or families. 

How does it work? 
A Chavurah is a small number of adults, in most cases no more than 20, and in some cases, a number of children. The groups meet regularly, usually once or twice a month. 

What does Chavurah mean? 
The word “Chavurah” is commonly translated as “Fellowship”, and is derived from the Hebrew root that means “friend” or “friendship”. 
 Chavurah - One fellowship group 
 Chavurot - Many fellowship groups 
 Chaver - A member of a chavurah 
 Chaverim - More than one member 
Each Chavurah is independent and plans a variety of activities based on the mutual interests of its members. Being in a Chavurah requires commitment, planning and participation. 

What will it do for ME? 
The Chavurah program is designed to bring together congregation members with similar interest who might otherwise not have an opportunity to meet. It is a chance for congregational members to get to know each other outside the synagogue, yet it is designed to build relationships within and outside of the synagogue. 

A Chavurah provides a smaller, and in many cases, more familiar  Jewish net work for its members. When you and your Chaverim come together to the synagogue, you have a greater sense of belonging, in that your “extended family” is there with you, too.

We love to have you spend Havdalah with us, come and see what our little Chavurah has to offer.


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