Colorado Springs Messianic Chavurah

     קולורדו ספרינגס משיחי חבורה 

FREE one-day celebration of Jewish arts and culture Sunday, June 3, 2018, 11 am to 4 pm, on the Boulder County Courthouse Lawn and 1200-1400 blocks of the Pearl Street Mall.

Motza'ei Shabbat

Reb Shimon has a unique ability to unravel Halacha and Hashkafa and detail their development from the textual sources in Nach through lomdus.

He pairs his extraordinary ability to elucidate abstract concepts with his desire to help others attain greater access to learning Nach. He gives a monthly inspiring Motza'ei Shabbat Navi Shiur to the mature students of the program. He is loved by all for his dedication to the shiur and for the warmth and clarity with which he teaches it.

Communal Shiur (Lesson):

 To appreciate what a Shiur is, you have to know what it isn't.

 It isn't a drasha (Sermon), where an eloquent rabbi seeks to move a captive synagogue audience. Rather, it's typically an informal gathering of adults to study classic Jewish texts with a rabbi or some other learned person-maybe in the synagogue, maybe in someone's home. That is Shiur!